Friday, November 2, 2012

North Korea Is Not A Party Town

   This is a picture of - apparently - North Korea. It appears to be a city made of prison buildings. All governments, if they are too weak to attack another government and thus extract some temprary energy from the new looting storages, turn into this. This is what Perfect Communism looks like: everyone is equal: everyone is imprisoned: everyone is starving: everyone is miserable: eventually it all just disappears.
   Obama is a fan of this system of things, as are most of Congress and most of America. All governments are socialist by nature, not individualistic, and all socialist societies turn into jails. North Korea has - thanks to support from USA taxpayers - managed to sustain this perfect jailhouse for 50 years. Every day the streets are a little cleaner, a little more free of traffic, a little more quiet and every day filled with more and more ghosts. It is like an American National Park in many ways, except for the dearth of trees.
   The other picture is a picture of Las Vegas. Las Vegas is not located in North Korea. Las Vegas is a place created by people like the ones now in prison in North Korea: criminals. Eventually the Las Vegas criminals will all be in American prisons and Las Vegas will become dark and lifeless and abandoned. Except maybe to house criminals. Like it does now. Except there won't be any running water and no electricity and no fun. It will be like the picture above it. It's the way governments work. It's their nature. It's their destiny. It's their goal.


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