Saturday, November 3, 2012

New York Whiners

   Dear New Yorkers; nobody cares. Nobody likes New Yorkers. You live next to the water at sea level sooner or later the flood will come. Muslims knock down your two best buildings and you walk around in a daze and never get angry about it. You elect a Mayor who won't let you drink soda and you shrug it off. You elect a mayor who sucks Muslim dick 24 hours a day and visits the Sandusky Boy Farm on the weekends for some young Christian stuff and that's fine. What do you get mad about?....a marathon is going to be run while you are whining and asking for tax dollars. This is what pisses you off. A fucking marathon. Not the World Trade Center, not the Islamic mosque on the WTC site, not the muslims sticking their asses in the air and stopping traffic 5 times a day, not "cola-conciousness" no, white people running, this pisses you off. New York: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


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