Friday, November 2, 2012

Chelsea Handler Update

   If Chelsea Hander was hot she would look like Kendra. And this picture wouldn't frighten you. It would give you a boner. Alas, the only person getting a boner from all this is the critter feeding from between her legs. And even that dyke couldn't bring herself to face Handler's twat. She decided facing the camera was less painful. The grapes looked safer to eat I guess: Fifty Cent never fucked them, for one thing.
   I used to look forward to the show when it would come on after The Soup and after Fashion Police. Now I turn it off at the start of the monologue. I know what the next half hour will bring: Chelsea will utter 7 to 10 sentences at 3,000 RPM's only dragging out the occasional syllable for 2 seconds to let the vodka catch up with the rest of her. The monologue will be delivered angrily. It will be mildly interesting but not very funny. Then she will go to the...whatever that thing is, and sit down and introduce three homosexual Liberal abuse-pillows and a Mexican midget. The midget is the funny one. Handler and the three homosexuals, when Handler is not abusing them, will all yell at each other all at the same time like Jews at the feeding trough for 15 minutes. Then a lesbian or homosexual Liberal will come out and Chelsea will talk to that one about their job for five or ten minutes. Then it's over.
   What IS funny about the show is that E, or NBC,  just gave her a new studio. At the instant her ratings started to crash. So while none us are laughing at the show, Chelsea Handler is, at least. And it's a horse laugh. At NBC. Cause they are into her for 20 mill. She better get rid of the fags and the guest and start fucking donkeys or they are never going to recoup their losses. Chewy no doubt knows where to get fuck-friendly donkeys by the herd since he comes from Tijuana.


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