Thursday, December 10, 2015

Letter To Trump About Muslims

                                        the difference between trump and the muslims

Dear Donald Trump; You and the Muslims have one major philosophical difference: you like to build beautiful skyscrapers and they like to blow them up. I see this as a real obstacle to any kind of eventual accord between you and them. True, you both like buildings. But for different reasons: you like them so that the people inside them will be bathed in luxury and beauty and leisure and delightfulness of all kinds whereas the Muslims want the people in the buildings to be bathed in fire and screaming and horror and death and falling concrete. 
     I don't think these two radically different entertainment philosophies can ever function as a partnership. I think if anything these two opposing business plans would result in permanent hostilities between yours and the Muslim views of the construction industry.
     So I am not at all perplexed why you, as a builder of buildings, would not want the Muslims - the destroyers of buildings -  in the same Country as you. It makes perfect sense.
     I suspect that if the Muslims preferred to fly filled passenger planes into apple orchards that you would have not been quite as tempted to run for Commander in Chief of History's most devastating war machine, the American military. But buildings - and high, beautiful ones - like the kind you build - seem to be their preferred targets.
     It is not likely the Muslims - being 1500 years of inbred sociopathic, clinically depressed and sadistic monstrosities of Nature - have made this connection: that they are personally responsible for your having thrown your hat into the ring as the person who hopes to have his finger on the nuclear arsenal. They probably just see you as a kind of "let's shoo them all away" kind of person, at worst, and not as a "let's blow them all up" kind of person. Otherwise they would be all leaving now and looking for, if not another country, another planet. 


J. J. Solari 


At December 23, 2015 at 3:43 PM , Blogger De Hill said...

Hi JJ,

If the muslim countries run out of oil, they will be back to living in huts and riding camels as a main source of transport. Then they won't have enough money to cause much trouble. (except among themselves)


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