Sunday, September 13, 2015

letter to trump about susteren

greta van susteren

dear donald trump,

     I see Greta van Susteren has jumped to the defense of her ally-in-ugliness Carli Fiorino. Ya know these skanky bitches want to live in a mans world........ but they dont want to play by mens' rules. Which is -  "We all call each other names, asshole! It's what we do! We're men! We ain't polite!" Which is just the way it is.  

     Van Susteren, instead of coming to Carli's defense should be trying to find a way for the two of them to get some much needed plastic surgery. In fact Carli Fiorino should be telling Greta to back off. She should be telling Greta that she - Carli - ain't that ugly to where she needs the Queen of Fucked Up Faces to come running to her defense and rescue. If anything Fiorino should sue van Susteren for slander for suggesting that they are equally ugly. They ain't. Greta has that Ugliest Of All title all sewn up. It's nice of her to want to share it but it's also rude to whoever she wants to share it with.


J.J. Solari


At September 15, 2015 at 11:37 PM , Blogger Cap'n Bob said...

I agree about Greta, and that's the face she was left with AFTER cosmetic surgery. She's also a Scientologist asshole.


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