Sunday, December 6, 2015

Letter To Trump About Islam

    Dear Donald Trump; There is a trend in your facebook posts that you are convinced there is such a thing as "radical" Islam as opposed to Islam. I also noticed you are criticizing Hillary Cunton for not saying "radical Islam." 
     Just so you know -  and apparently you are not the only one who doesn't know this - there is actually no such thing as "radical" Islam. Radical Islam would be a form of Islam that would not be Islam. It would be Christianity, or maybe Buddhism, or perhaps Judaism, or maybe even Scientology. That would be radical Islam: a kind of Islam that is actually not Islam at all. A kind of Islam that does not actually exist.
     There are not "varieties" of Islam; that is, there is not a "nice" kind of Islam and a "nasty" kind of Islam. There is only the nasty kind of Islam. And that would be the one in the Koran. There is no Nice Version of the Koran. There is only the fucked version of the Koran. Or, as the Muslim In Chief calls it "the coe-dahn." And that Koran, or coe-dahn, is the one that demands that all non Muslims be killed. The fact that Muslims also kill each other is simply an example of their inherent enthusiasm for murder. Fair to say, the Koran doesn't actually insist on the killing of other Muslims. They do that on their own initiative. They're self starters in the homicide business.
     So to review, there is no such thing as "radical" Islam. There is only normal Islam: the one that demands its adherents rape, lie, kill, molest, steal, torture and enslave everyone who isn't a Muslim. "Radical" Islam would be something that isn't Islam at all. Like, say, a sandwich. 
     Thank you.


J. J. Solari


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