Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Overland Letter To Trump

  Katie Steinle's Idiot  Brother

Dear Donald Trump.

     I hope you don't take Katie Steinle's brother's dumb-ass opinion of your opinion of his sister's murder......I hope you ain't influenced by his imbecilic far-ranging stupidity. 

     "I don't...ya know.....think that.....ya know.....I don't think there should be a fence on the border.......ya know......cuz.....ya know......for some reason.......such as.....some people dont um have maps.....such as......"

     Jesus Argentine tango Christ, he really needs to be a contestant in one of your beauty pageants. He can bewilderfy a concept or an idea or a situation into a rambling incoherent slobberfest of drool and mush with the best of them. Maybe Anderson Cooper can loan him a fucking two-piece bikini to wear.

     And speaking of Anderson Cooper, is it possible for him to look any more pained and concerned and personally aggrieved about Steinle's brother's pain and suffering allegedly at your hands? On the other hand I am sure Cooper finds her brother a lot more attractive than the dead woman so I can understand him wanting to make a good impression on the guy.

     Listening to Katie's brother talking to Cooper, it's really too bad she was the sibling on the pier that day.      

     Oh: and let's not forget the redoubted Dylan Stableford, the noble and hard-hitting "journalist" for "Yahoo Politics" that made this story of Katie's pain-in-the-ass brother  and how you are really the culprit -  not the fucking Mexican illegal piece of shit who actually fucking shot her - he made this story  available for us all. He's really got to be burning the midnight oil with that cyclotron brain he's got. Nope, there's no hint of a long-standing hidden anti-capitalist, third-world-invasion agenda with that fucker.


J.J. Solari 


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