Friday, October 17, 2014

Rush Limbaugh's New Low

   Rush Limbaugh is now taking calls from children proclaiming how great his kiddie books are. This is something only Communist and Nazi dictators do; surround themselves with children for photo shoots. No normal child wants to read a fucking history book, especially a fairy tale history book written by a low IQ'd glutton who need Viagra to get a boner. Any kid who would call Rush Limbaugh to tell him how much they enjoy learning about American history by reading his weirdly pandering creepy book that talks down to children…that kid has to be either fucking with Limbaugh or is the class pain in the ass douchebag tattle-taling annoying little lord fauntleroy pest. Naturally, because it's a "youngster" Rush is all palsy-walsy with the little twerp and not at all adult, and by adult i mean intelligent. He has no conscience or class, that idiot. And no shame. and the book is actually an embarrassment. it's like a religious catechism of propaganda and mystical destiny crap. It's a cult primer for kids. courtesy of a disgusting fat gluttonous know-nothing self proclaimed genius of social engineering. With talent on loan from God. Who he only marginally believes in, by the way. He HAS no religion. So I don't know what he's prattling on about this being a Christian nation. How would he know? He's not a Christian.


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