Tuesday, October 14, 2014


   Marriage - for men - is 50% coming up with endless new ways to disguise the fact that even though you are married you are still male and 50% pretending you are a euniched homosexual more interested in chit chat with the wife about a new store at the mall than you are about sticking your dick up the vaginas of the teenage girls in short Levi cutoffs walking home from school. Of course just writing about fucking teenage girls in America is borderline child molestation. The child-molesting monstrosities who create and enforce laws for a living have no conception of puberty and what it is and so have declared 17 year old firecrackers to be "children." This leave the 17 year old girls - who all want to fuck 30 year old men - with nothing but 17 and under boys to fuck. And 17 year old boys do not want to fuck. They want to feel tits while getting jacked off.
   I seem to have drifted from the point here a bit. Go back to the top and read just the first sentence again. That's the main point of all this. Thank you.


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