Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Right Wing Radio Hosts - Hannitty

   Sean Hannitty is a vocally persistent, uncomedic, non intellectual, Constitutionppraising yakfest who could probably talk as unceasingly about pancake batter as he can about politics. The problem with him talking about pancake batter would be that since pancake batter is something real and not mystical, unlike government and current social theories, he would actually be drowned out eventually by people who actually knew something about pancake batter and his show would disappear.
   Sean has taken to the current radio practice of installing a female "foil" into the show. Howard Stern started this a million years ago and radio talk-politics people are incorporating (usually the news reader) into the show to make things more chatty. The duo of John and Ken in Los Angeles are currently the only talk show people making this work because their news reader is Shannon Ferrin. Shannon Ferrin is actually entertaining. All the others are nails on the blackboard.
   Hannitty's female associate is not really the problem on Hannitty's show, Hannitty is. Because he tries to kibitz and make comedic asides with her. Hannitty has no gift for back and forth chatter. He's like the  Nerd Template. Plus he is overbearing. He has a need to be The Boss. He comes across as a desperate-for-secret sex teenager.


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