Friday, October 10, 2014

Bill O'Reilly Meets General Patton

   I see Bill O'Reilly, the most calculating of all the professional right wing propagandists, and probably the most unintellectual - which means he is really stupid - has a "co-authored book about Patton and his death which is very likely in the book decreed as murder. O'Reilly had a "co-author." What this means in book lingo is the co-author was the sole writer of the book.
   I have not read this book, I rearely read co-authored book, I never see a reason to, the guy the book is about ain't doing the writing. It would have to be one mother fucking fascinating dude who's life I was eager to learn about even if he ain't telling the story for me to read a co-authored book. Only one even comes to mind, Sonny Barger's co-authored book. I mean it was either read that or read nothing cause that was the only book about the dude in existence or ever would be in existence.
   O'Reilly is so fucked-up-weak it is no wonder he would want to be associated somehow with George Patton. they could not be more unlike. If George Patton came to life Bill O'reilly would kill hiumself before he found out he wrote a book about him.
   George Patton was not murdered. If he had been I would be saying "George Patton was murdered." So just deal with it. If he had lived he would have been fired. And then he would have been in the same fix as MacArthur: "a kind of a hero." Patton was lucky. MacArthur was not. MacArthur lived long enough to have a worthless asshole nobody ruin his career and reputation. Let this be a lesson to you budding warriors who want to "save America." If you actually do your civilian, lawyer, bureaucrat, lies-for-a-living commander in chief will never forgive you for it.


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