Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Right Wing And The Press

   The Right Wing, or the confused, unfocused wing, is convinced that there is a "journalistic conspiracy" to keep "bad news" from "the public." In fact, it's not a conspiracy, it's simply that bad news - actual bad news - frightens journalists and "news people." Watch any news "anchor" when an earthquake hits the studio. You will witness a whole new level of  fear. "OH MY GOD WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE!!!" It could be just a studio light popping-out. Actual scary things scare journalists so they always downplay scary things. Like Islam, socialism, democracy, ebola, invading Mexicans, Obama. These are actual scary things. So there is little real focus on them. In fact they will work overtime creating new theories as to why these things are not actually scary. An infestation of moths at a school, however, this will be reported with a air of importance and with warnings of possible dire consequences as though it was an approaching asteroid the size of Mars on a collision course with Earth. Because it's not actually a threat. So journalists feel comfortable pretending it is. A real threat scares them enough to where they won't report it. So it's not a conspiracy. It's the innate timidity and always-on fear level of the reporters. It's not complicated.


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