Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Use For Marriage

   When you are an youngster and you learn that the hottie you have been pining for all your life and who has no interest in you at all…when you learn she is getting married, well, then, the universe falls apart. and then when she actually gets marriage the parts of the universe that fell apart, why, they dissolve away into dust and ashes. eventually you get married yourself. you then contact for some reason your old pipedream and lo and behold suddenly she wants your face in her pussy more than she wants a pair of new shoes.
    i just got an email from a hot chinese woman i knew when she was 18. at 18 she was about as ready to have my cock between her legs as she was ready to fuck Mr. Burns. Ten years later she sends me the wedding pictures because, you see, she just got married. It's a good thing she did, if she had waited another year she would be the size of a filipino health worker. I can see it coming. She went with this dude for 8 years before she married him. So for that ten years she was all "I have to concentrate on my own life now, please do not email me anymore." Now that she's married she sends me an email declaring her delight and meanwhile what i am reading between the lines is "Ok, mission accomplished, I would fuck you now in a New York Minute, just say the word, only let's work together to keep this discreet, ok?" Sure, yeah, ok, no problem with that here, tootsie. I mean what the fuck do I care: it ain't as though he's gonna wear that pussy out with his pecker unless its made of razorwire and Corvette fender shards.


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