Saturday, February 1, 2014

Las Vegas Visit 3

   Across the street from the Trump are the two brown-glass thin sheets of curving elegance called the Wynn and something called Encore, which is a duplicate of the Wynn only facing the other way. I am saying brown but they are not really brown. They are more of a metallic watery chocolate copperish color that arc and curve against the sky like huge sculptured waves. Donald Trump and Steve Wynn are two of the more interesting men on the planet and seeing their buildings right next to each other gives a good synopsis of the both of them. The Trump building is an upright tall block of gold, like a fucking ingot, that says "I'm rich and I like talking about it." The Wynn buildings say "Won't you join me in an elegant moment on my property that I think you will appreciate?" Of the two men, Wynn, of course, is the more dangerous. I don't think Donald Trump could bring himself to push someone off the roof. I think Wynn would not only push someone off he'd go down and drag the body up to push off a second time if it suited him. And then if the cops asked him about it he'd say "That's none of your fucking business" and tell them to leave. Meanwhile Donald would charm his way out of any such incident, and if that failed he would use hypnosis, which he seems able to manipulate and throw around if it suits him. I think both men are cordial rivals who see in the other a viable partnership as long as Trump stays out of the gambling business. Which he apparently is content to do.
   Where Trump is an in-your-face flaunter of wealth and shiny surfaces, Wynn is an aesthetic maniac. There is an attention to detail that is exhausting: there are uniformed personnel hand-washing the leaves of the plants. There are Mexicans pushing carts with thousands of colored replacement tiles the size of square nickels for the floors when one or more of the millions of mosaic tiles gets punctured or broken. There are women in high heels all over the place and if one of them hooked a shoe in any of the craters that appear constantly there would be all kinds of maneuvering room for a "legitimate" lawsuit, so a lot of time is just spent on damage control keeping the broken mini-tiles in repair. This could all be easily avoided with a normal floor. And that just ain't in the cards. Steve Wynn wants tiled design motifs for people to walk on.
   I have watched Donald Trump and Steve Wynn in one venue or another and have concluded that Donald Trump is the sort of man who wants to get to the bottom of every incident and situation and hear every side and watch every witness before he comes to a fair conclusion about a matter: that's it's important to him to see and hear all he can about something before coming to a decision about another person's fate. Steve Wynn strikes me as someone who could give a flying fuck about the particulars, just do what I say and shut the fuck up about it or you'll find yourself out on your ass and probably with my foot still up it. Steve Wynn also seems oblivious to the horrific facework that is being eternally performed upon him, which makes little sense to me when I see the attention to detail and aesthetics that he puts into everything else. Then when his face is concerned he let's Methy Crackhead The Clown take over and gives him a bonus if he does an especially ridiculous job of things. Carrot Top has to be Steve Wynn's first number in his Rolodex when it comes to rounding-up a drinking buddy for the night so that he will be seen sporting-about with a kindred spirit in the horror department.


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