Friday, July 5, 2013

Constitution Bashing Episode One Million

   As I was telling my Facebook minions, all of whom seem to resent my telling them these things, but it's all part of my experiment, they are sort of my test subjects - all of whom are failing - as i was telling my Facebook minions, if you tell the average Conservative Dullard that the Constitution is a socialist document....they will all shout - usually in unison - NO IT ISN'T! If you feign relief and say thank God, I was so worried, and then ask them "Excellent news!.....explain to me why it isn't! My relief will be significant and long lasting!"
   Not a-one of them will be able to say anything. What I mean is, you will be greeted with total silence. You won't be given a lecture, you won't be given a propaganda indoctrination, you won't be given a sermon, you won't be given a cult-inspired rote verbatim dogma essay: you will be given silence.
   There is not a Conservative or Republican or Objectivist or Libertarian alive who can tell you why the Constitution is NOT a socialist document. You might as well ask them to explain why the Martian language possesses no W's but does posses B's and R's. In fact you would get more of a response with this latter question. You would get the response of "...huh?...." They would at least make a noise in other words. There are no noises with the question Why is the Constitution not a socialist document. You might get hit! But you will not get an answer. Or a guess. Or a comment. Or even an I don't know.
   Like the Koran or the Bible, no one has actually read the Constitution. They have heard about the Koran and they have heard about the Bible and they have heard about the Constitution, but no one has actually sat down and read any of them. IN FACT the Koran and the Bible actually have more readers than the Constitution has. Not a lot more but the number is actually bigger.
    Why has no one read the Constitution? Well I suspect it's because everyone will have all their illusions about its grandeur and wisdom and insight and magnificence blown all to fucking smithereens. But another reason is likely because it is probably the most boring document - and the most meaningless, if reality is what we are discussing here - ever composed. Amazingly it took 50 people to write it. You can imagine why it is a pile of shit. In fact it is still being written. And discussed. And most of the planet is living their enslaved lives under it or under one of it's imitations, since every pile of shit country on earth now has one of the things.
    How can something that runs everyone's life on the planet be a pile of shit?
   Well, read it. It can be a pile of shit because it was built that way. They thought about it long and hard. It didnt assemble itself. An entire boatload of asshole lawyers and pompous blowhards homesick for England wrote it. They defeated England and were instantly feeling guilty and sad about it. So they recreated it here. And then they were more comfortable. Are you? Do you like England? Good. Cause that's where you live.


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