Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment states the owning of "arms" is necessary to the security of a free state. There is no such thing as a free state. A state is an entity that orders people around for no reason. And takes their stuff, starting traditionally with a "tax" and then as the state deteriorates - which they all do - it starts taking everything, including you, and puts you to work building prisons for yourself with no pay or digging your own grave for you to be killed at and tossed into. A state is by nature coercive. So kindly permitting the citizens own arms to maintain a free state is drunken, sputtering nonsense. You own arms to protect yourself from the state. So the 2nd amendment is confused in its word choice. Which means it's confused in everything else, one of them being that the state is what allows you to own firearms. Your inherent property rights - which are a gift of nature not the constitution - are what allows you to own firearms. That and a receipt from the seller. Not the badly written, drunkenly composed Constitution.


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