Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rage Against The Constitution Update

   The Constitution has a new ally, I notice: the Muslims. Some Muslim bitch the Niggident In Chief appointed to some bureaucratic tax supported Muslim Furtherance committee accidentally came out in public and stated that the Constitution was actually a lesser, imperfect version of Sharia Law. I have a hunch she spoke ahead of schedule, maybe a hundred years ahead of schedule, but i have to thank her because she has at least done me a favor: she has made my anti Constitution lectures a lot more believable. When the Muslims like something you know it's evil. If I don't like something everyone just assumes I am off on yet another brain-damaged mentally ill tirade. When the Muslims bolster my theories then you have to know that I get a pretty gratified internal reaction from it. It's like "...and if you don't believe me tht this is fucked up, here's the proof: the Muslims like it."


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