Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Anti Constitution Pamphlet

   I think i have completed my anti constitution thesis. I have read it about a hundred times and honed it into stunning perfection. It's so convincing that even I myself have been deeply affected, whereas when I started I was merely a critic of the Constitution now I am the world's foremost anti-constitutional expert. You know how they have Constitutional Lawyers and Constitutional Scholars?....who make hugely good livings "studying and interpreting" the Constitution as though it is a strange and mighty rune that needs to be deciphered by the adepts and the wise? They're all charlatans. They're wizards of oz without the MGM entertainment values. I can crush them now as I would a tiny lizard in my hand. Not that I would actually do that though, you understand. I would more likely heave a flat boulder from over my head and with a two-handed grip down at it as it wriggled its carefree way along the ground.
   So far every single "right wing" patriotic type that i know - and i know scads of them - have greeted my suggestion that the Constitution is the reason not the cure for the - can we call it "mother fucking holy shit mess" that we all see approaching, or as I call it The Train?...they have greeted this suggestion that the Constitution is actually the culprit...they have greeted this with hostility. What can I say. But you know what? Human beings are a hostile bunch. That's why we have the buildings and the Macdonaldses and the lions and the tigers dont. So there ya go.


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