Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jury Duty Patriots

 Jury Duty has many amazing aspects, but the most amazing one is the number of people who think its
great. These people are called passive aggressive assholes and most of them work at a job paid for by taxpayers who don't want to pay for those jobs voluntarily. Jury duty is deciding if someone gets to live outside of prison or inside of prison. An even bigger asshole called a judge is conveniently placed between the jury assholes and the prisoner captive to make it look like there is a buffer between what the jury decides and what the judge decides. Judges seem to be quite capable of putting someone in prison singlehandedly. Why the innocent citizenry is coerced into this Dark Ages ritual of savagery proclaimed to be noble and wondrous could probably best be explained by Satan.
   Nobody actually thinks jury duty is anything worthwhile. But nobody will say that in public and on the record because they don't want to be the target of the scorn and feigned disgust of their idiot friends and neighbors and a lot of people they don't know and will never meet in 300 lifetimes. So they all make believe it's something really really swell and it involves the king and his court and we never really  did shitcan England and all their nonsense, we just changed the names of things. We are still basically England. And of course Queen Elizabeth and her idiot inbred son laugh at all of this, as does her court of jesters and all of the people in the land and the realm. They all laugh at America because we are still a British colony. We just have been told we are not, and being Americans we believe everything we hear. We believed Don Lapre and we believe Barack Obama and we believe Diane Sawyer. We believe everyone who speaks while cameras are trained on them. We're like African niggers: we see a camera we get all mystical and magical and see voodoo wonders everywhere! The camera is not a tool to us, like a screwdriver, a camera is a bringer of happiness and pain and fame and fortune and jail!
   The camera is a deity in the pantheon of ancient Greece. It's not an accident one camera manufacturer named themselves Olympus.
   So everyone tries to avoid jury duty but they all feel as though it has some mystical churchlike aspect involving right and wrong and crime and punishment and these are common notions associated with religion. So jury duty is sort of religious. Which is true. Slicing newborns open while still alive and cooking them and then eating them piously - or ravenously - before a statue of Moloch made from pumice is also sort of religious. In fact jury duty and child sacrifice serve the same deity: the god of death.
   But if Adam and Eve - who of course never existed even though human recorded history is evidence that something is clearly wrong, and that Adam and Eve would certainly explain why - have taught us nothing else they have taught us that we much prefer to listen to Lucifer than to Lucifer's creator. Humans to this day prefer the creations to their creators. We always believe the power to come from the machine rather than the mind that created the machine. Humans are not complex. They are simple idiots.
   Which makes them perfect for jury duty.
   A trial is a circus performance disguised as magic designed to make believe that the people running the court are noble spirits and guardians of the people not running the courts. The fact is, if there were no courts there would be no crime. By definition.
   This concept is so basic and simple that people will get into a fistfight with you to deny it rather than sit down and try to understand it. Because everyone is convinced -  even though they have never witnessed an example of it - that without the courts and the cops and the law there would be something called "chaos." Which does not exist in nature. Social chaos, being never precicely defined, basically means "a situation you dont personally like."
   The only thing that creates crime is the law. The law does not prevent chaos. It only defines crime. And laws are created by men - usually boy loving ones or dedicated sociopaths - so it's a pretty good bet you will never get a good law out of one of them. St Paul, 2000 years ago, caught onto this, genius that he was, he taught us this and everyone thinks he is speaking about some tenth dimensional realm of eternal immortality. In fact he was talking about life here on earth. Why the Catholics took it to the hereafter like a fucking Haitian Ape, I dunno.
   A crime is something defined by the court. Not by reality and certainly not by you. The court is there because you want someone besides yourself to be in charge of you. Because you're a lazy idiot.
   Look at the Jews: they have a frantic compulsion to have someone other than their own deity be in charge of them. That is why they quietly go to their deaths when ordered to: because the people they put in charge of them ordered them to and a deal is a deal.
   Jews: they're ridiculous.
   A lot of people are convinced Jews are running things.
   The only thing the Jews are running is new and creative ways to get persecuted. Because everyone knows they won't resist. Bark at a Jew he runs away. Sure he comes back for more, but he's a Jew, they can't help it, they love punishment. It gives them something to create really shitty music and songs about. Which creates more abuse. That's how bad the songs are.
   So jury duty's a joke. Just like you. Thank you. Fuck you.


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