Friday, December 28, 2012


   I saw this picture posted on facebook with the commentary that this - the petrified zombie above - is a great American.
   This is not a great American. This is a fool and a buffoon and a naive little unambitious dolt who knows he is destined for the Presidency because his dad was president and was in charge of the CIA for a hundred years and so knows what buttons to push to make it happen. This is the guy who praised Islam a week after 9-11 and who one instant after 9-11 transported the Arabian royal family relatives out of America, where they were organizing new attacks and celebrating victory, in order to keep them safe from what he imagined would be a monumental anti-Islamic uprising. Turns out the American people had elected a President just as stupid as themselves since no anti-Islamic uprising was in the works then or now and apparently will never be in the works. This is a guy who cannot pronounce nuclear. Because it would be just too much trouble. This is a guy who thinks the earth is 6000 years old because his preacher told him it was and he believed it. Because he's stupid. And if he's American then he must hate the military because he sent them - as did his dad - to go get killed for no reason. They weren't even allowed to drink beer in Persia because it would upset the enemy. This is a guy who - like the Nigger In Chief - thinks Islam is "a great religion." As did that fantastic military genius Dwight Eisenhower who would be unable to spot an enemy if you threw him into a pit filled with Romulans. This is the guy whose dad singlehandedly engineered the influx of illegal Mexicans into the country and then began the propaganda campaign that they are good for the economy because they wreck everything and it all has to be replaced, but that's not the way he put it. He just said they do the jobs Americans won't. In my universe this is called "explaining why you are a traitor." I mean, it's nice that you're doing it, and making a confession, and all,  but you're still a traitor.
   George Bush is not a great American anything. He is a pretty good Muslim, though. And a very loyal Mexican.


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