Thursday, December 27, 2012


Traveling through Texas is the most mind-expanding thing you can do if you are an American; because you think back on all the boasts that Texans make about Texas and you realize clearly that all Texans are retarded. Because there is nothing to brag about in Texas. I'm not saying Texas is a bad place. I'm just saying there is nothing there to brag about. In fact, Texans should just stay the nice quiet friendly people they are and never actually mention their State, and if they do mention it they should do so quietly and with no fanfare. No one will say anything about it. Because Texas is a desolation of not only emptiness: it's unscenic, uninviting emptiness. Which explains why Texas is so big. No other State wanted to have anything to do with that terrain. The dirt is ugly, the trees are ugly, the rocks are ugly and the cactus - already the ugly prickly pear kind - is only one "leaf" high and covers the ground like hellish grass. Texas would piss off a fucking goat.
   And yet these people brag about the "size" of their State. Have they ever explored it? Probably not. That would explain the abundance of saloons to hide in and the abundance of barbecues to bury yourself in smoke with.
    If there is even one river in Texas I need someone to point it out to me. There are no rivers, there are no mountains, there are no lakes, there are no forests, there are no animals, there are no birds, there are no cities, there are only trucks with steel plates on the front to pulverize peccaries into mist with at 80 miles an hour. which is the speed limit there.
   Traveling at 80 helps you get out of the State quick. At 65 or 70 you would just give up, being unable to look another diseased goat or ghastly tree in the eye.
   The "border patroll" which is located 100 miles inside the border so that they dont embarassingly encounter illegal aliens which would result in getting fired by the nigger in chief who is dead-set on corrupting America into a third world pest hold filed with Mayans and Muslims and any other primitive prehistoric ape he can round up  - the border patrol in Texas is really really determined that not only will Texas remain the beautiful State it is, you will be arrested if you dare try to bring in anything that would improve things. Such as drugs, which might open the minds of the deluded, bragging inhabitants to the wilderness of hopelessness they lovingly call home. True, they routinely ask all the white, clearly American travelers "Are you a citizen of the UNited States?" If you say yes they let you through. If you say no - but who would say no when saying yes will get you through. No one.
   Texas: why it's a State at all is anybody's guess. There had to be more at the Alamo worth fighting for than what I saw there. Which was MEXICANS!!!!!!!


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