Sunday, December 23, 2012

Masons And The Paranoids

   You don't have to be paranoid to see that the Federal government and the Constitution and the Bill of "Rights" and all the crap the goes with it is Satanic. The difference between a paranoid and someone just having their eyes open regarding DC and all it's fucking paraphernalia is that the paranoids think there is some "hidden awesome power and magic and voodoo that actually works" "running" things and that you should live in fear and terror like the paranoids do. Paranoids, even if they are dead-on-target only help the target. They don't obliterate it. They make the target stronger. Because, like the "forces" they think they are fighting, they are actually in the same grip.
   That's where I come in. Because, you see, unlike the paranoids, I don't give a crap if I convince you of anything. All I am required to do is keep opening my yap about what I see. And then I go look at porn and stare at Carli Banks' or Lanni Barbi's or Black Angelica's excellent white pussies and ejaculate onto the floor. Which I much prefer doing to going on and on and on about how stupid you are. Although calling you stupid never really does get old. In case you were wondering.


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