Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chelsea Dykler

   I notice Chelsea Handler is doing anti-Pope schtick. Hopefully her career will tank as fast as that other dyke, Sinead Oconnor's, did when she started picking on the fucking Pope. Chelsea Handler isn't even a Catholic, she's a fucking atheist Jew, the worst kind. She's getting as big and sturdy as a fucking Abrams tank and looks about as armored. Her show is filled with fags and lesbians, none of whom are remotely funny and all she does is call them names and embarrass them. They must need the abuse. She fucks niggers too. Dykes always fuck a few niggers before they make the announcement that they are dykes. White dykes don't consider nigger males to be human. It's like fucking a horse. They fuck a few horses and then after they get beat up a few times - which is fine, getting kicked by a horse is not abuse, it's just a dumb animal that doesn't know its own strength - after they get beat up a few times they make a big public announcement which only they think is news to anyone that they are queer. Lesbians hate the Pope for some reason. Who knows why, lesbians are all wiccan pagan Nothings so I don't know why they even pay attention to the fucking Pope but they all do. I guess he just pisses them off for some reason. He is white with a penis, and that's usually enough to do it.


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