Monday, December 24, 2012

State-To-State Travel

   Just so you know, traveling State to State you run the risk of arrest and imprisonment and the fucking-up of not only your trip but your life via search and seizures - including seizures of you - if you are the owner of anything the Constitutional Authorities of any State and eventually every State decree you are not allowed to own as permitted by the US Constitution most of you are so enchanted with. The "border" checkpoint ruse a hundred miles east of El Paso is especially brutal, with very friendly, incredibly talented dogs happily pulling at the leashes of the very low IQ extremely sadistic uniformed "men" and "women" who will immediately take ownership of you and all of your stuff if they find anything - which can change from day to day, or if they just don't like the way you are looking at them - if they find anything they don't think you should have. Eventually this will include your wife and daughters and sons who these uniformed subhuman monstrosities would I am sure love to fuck until the fuckee is dead. Cartel bodyguards are more on-the-ball and look more civilized than these Obama hand-picked Muslim wannabees. Just a heads up, my fellow Americans. State-to-State travel will eventually be by permit only. You heard it here first. And good luck getting a permit if you are not a public employee.


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