Sunday, November 11, 2012


   This is the face the nigger makes when he is in Full Deception Mode coupled with an inner fury against the thing he is pretending to like. He might pretend to like ice cream when he doesnt, say, and never make this face while pretending to like ice cream. He has no fury against ice cream. He does have fury against the American Fighting Man. And thus he is making the niggerface I am talking about. All the muscles are frozen in rigidity. A huge battle is being waged inside him and it is difficult. This is the face of a person wanting to kill the thing he is forced - for the time being - to pretend he admires. There is not one atom of sincerity in whatever he is pretending to be applauding. Even his hands are in a fury, he is not relaxed in clapping. Applauding the thing he detests adds even more strain to his face. He likely had a massive headache for an hour after this event.
   And speaking of the nigger, has anyone but me noticed he never has other niggers around him except as bodyguards? That's because other niggers know he is full of shit. So he surrounds himself with white people because white people treat him more or less civilly (because white people are not too bright) and plus he likes having white people kiss his ass. It's a nigger thing. If he was actually a heterosexual nigger instead of a faggot one he would have married a white chick, not a nigger woman. Cause that's what famous political niggers do: marry white women. The fact that he is in politics and married to a nigger is proof he's a fag.


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