Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chelsea Plus Size Handler

   I accidentally saw the opening monologue of Chelsea Handler last night. She is getting a kind of Honey Boo Boo layer, I notice. It's like someone slathered an inch of lard over her skin. She looks more voluminous. Fair to say her size is increasing uniformly. She will look like Rosie Odonnell probly in about a year. E is locked into her for Ta-Wenty Mill-Eyon dollars, baybeh, Ta-Wenty Mill-Eyon, that's right, I didn't stutter, you heard me, and I think they are stuck with her steadily decreasing ratings for 5 fucking miserable years and she is relaxing, girl, bring in the donuts, I have won this game, it is time to put on the pounds!! This is likely the recording that is playing inside her head for the time being.
   I watched more than the monologue because i felt like it and after about ten minutes of her talking in a sort of lesbian-nigger dialect interrupted by out-of-nowhere fits of temper and threats to her staff of unhumorous comedians and the freak Mexican homunculus she has for a pet...I had had enough. I didn't wait for the faggot or dyke guest of the evening to come out and talk dyke talk about their job.


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