Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cops And Soldiers

   A soldier is a cop in someone else's country. A soldier canot behave in his own country the way a cop in his own country would behave. A soldier can only act like a cop when he is in someone else's country.
   Similarly, a cop cannot act like a soldier in someone else's country. He would be jailed. A cop can only act like a soldier in his own country and against his own countrymen. Then he is rewarded, not jailed.
   Soldiers and cops have the same job except a soldier is a cop in a country not his own. A cop is a soldier but only in his own country.
   An LA cop cannot go to Iraq and start taking people to jail and shooting people and taking their stuff and fucking their wives and kids. The American soldiers there and the Iraqi cops there would attack him. He can only behave like that in Los Angeles, and only after punching-in. Or "on duty" as it's called.
   An American soldier cannot start shooting people and looting here in America. An American cop would arrest him because only an American cop can do that here in America.
   This is how all countries operate and is how all countries have always operated. You would think by this time someone would have called into question the practice and tradition of "countries" and try something else, anything. This has not happened yet.


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