Monday, November 5, 2012

Disney Buys Lucas Episode 14

   This is Frank Costello looking at Senator Estes Keevaufer like he's lucky there's a roomful of news people and cameras around otherwise his whiney little Jew child-molesting face would be under Costello's shoe, being turned into tomato paste.
   The spiritual, spinal essence of the successful Italian mob boss is a conviction and a belief and a proof positive that government officials and law makers and law enforcement employees and bureaucrats and fbi personnel and cia personnel and presidents and marshalls and senators and congressmen and assemblymen and judges and baliffs and prison guards and sheriffs and school teachers and cops and jury duty summons-servers are all basically dullwitted, unambitious, unemployable mailmen who just have never been bitchslapped yet into the realization of it.
   Government holds no "mystical supernatural magical light of divine eternal wondrous holy other-world mysterious ass-tingling peepee-squirt happytime joyous picnic party hee hee ha ha doodoo-in-my-pants baby playpen see my tinkle happen" crapload of bullshit nonsense intrigue to the successful Italian mob boss. They come from Italy, the treachery and brutality capitol of human history starting with the romans, continuing with the Church and now with the Mafia holding the line against the American Globalization of the planet under Constitutionalism. The Mafia sees through the Constitution like a peeping tom sees through a newly installed, freshly washed unobstructed window in the Windex factory.
   "Your going to get an assload of bullshit in school and from fucking 'patriots' all across the United States that the Constitution is being subverted, overruled, rewritten, ignored, belittled, unrespected, unobeyed, un this, un that......none of it matters. The Constitution under any circumstances, proper or improper, is the greatest enslaver and killer of populations of human fucking mankind in human fucking history. Every fucking shithole of a country on earth is now getting one, and if they don't do it themselves, we do it for them, the idiot Commander In Chief Of The Present Moment sends the American War Machine over there to kill everyone and then order the survivors to 'create a constitution.' And if they can't write cause they're too fucking backward, we draw up and compose a, give or take, fuckass version of our own fuckass pile of shit Constitution and slap it onto a table and sign it for them, holding their ignorant stone age illiterate imbecilic hand while they write to make it fucking 'legal' and off they go to fuck up another section of the earth's population."
   This was Kindly Old Benedetto talking to me when I was about, I think, fucking 8. Eight years old and I'm in a study or a living room or a lower basement that Hitler would have envied, as bunkers go, listening to a senior citizen of Boston telling an 8 year old that his country has its head up its ass and is putting everyone else's head up it too.
   This was not at all uninteresting to me: WW2 had recently ended and when it did, NBC, CBS and ABC wasted no time running serials such as The Big Picture and Victory At Sea which I could not get enough of. My grandmother, while extremely furtive-Irish-immigrant and peasant-like, was also an instinctive futurist and as soon as television became available she had one and there was to be no argument about it. Since I lived with her as a child much of the time, and since, unlike my mother, she had a hands-off attitude toward child behavior, I had free reign of the tv set during the day. And war was my entertainment of choice. There was nothing better than the wholesale destruction of other human beings and the shit that they owned to my 5 year old way of thinking. I actually still feel the same way today, if you want to know the truth. Why lie; shooting Howitzers at distant hillsides and killing people you can't hear scream is fun. Ask anyone who has done it. Flying a plane at an angle toward the earth while firing tracers at hundreds of rounds a second and seeing the eruptions in the earth and the people between the eruptions falling to the ground before you change your angle and head away from the ground once more - it never gets old, it never gets boring. And the hydrogen bomb? Oh my. Please: let me detonate the first one over a populace, if I may, thank you so much Mr President!!
   My thinking about the Constitution has evolved further than Benedetto's by this time, and, of course, that was the reason for the - basically unprecedented -  private tutoring at the time; to allow the strands and patterns that had ben laid-down by God to become nourished and cultured and pruned and hybridized and watered and manured. I especially liked the manuring, but now you are making me blush.
   I now, by this time, realize that the American Constitution was the first New Age document in history. Instead of government by a king - which is the only kind of government the Founding Fathers ever knew, as did their ancestors for a thousand years before them - the Founding Fathers created in a brilliant light of insight probably ignited by the Kaballah, they created a government by a small committee of self-proclaimed potentates. They cast their creation in the form of a convoluted, tedious, boring, presumptuous English Essay For Fops that erroneously or lyingly declares that "we the people" did it. So let me ask you: did you do that? No, About one thing Obama is right: you didn't do that: "we the people" did not include you. It included "them." And they're all dead.  The Constitution overnight turned Americans back the other direction from the road they were on - which was the road to the stars -  and which backward direction will - probably very soon at this point - lead them again to Astarte and Baal: if we're lucky..... since there's some even worse ones waiting behind those to take the stage once they become tiresome to this perverted and sub-animal freak of Nature "human" species.    


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