Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why News Sucks

   Some houses blew up in Indianapolis today. Wherever that is. It's big news. "Front Page" stuff as they say in the fabulous newspaper business. Here's the link.

   If you waste your time reading it you will soon learn that the story has no actualy news in it over and above the headline: some houses blew up in Indianapolis. Wherever that is. All the rest of the space is devoted to what people have to say about it all. And what they did after the houses blew up. There is nothing about the explosion and even though there are dead people, they are anonymous. Meanwhile all that actually matters in the story is why did the houses blow up and who died, maybe they were people I know, so who died. Oh, and why did the houses blow up so I can make sure mine doesn't. But none of that is dealt with or looked at or is even of any interest or concern to the fantastic Journalist Callahan. Nope, Journalist Callahan is only interested in gossip and girlie table-talk about it all. "Oh my, it was loud! My cat was ascaird! I didn't know what to do! There was fire too!" Shit like that.
   That's not actual news, Journalist Callahan!! That's gay faggot chit chat among the neighbors that gives no information about the event itself! All you have ripped-into with your journalistic expertise is the effect the explosion had on people not involved in the explosion. You might as well have interviewed me about it and I could have told you how it would have affected me if I had been there. You dumb fuck.


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