Saturday, November 3, 2012

Disney Buys Lucas Episode 12

   Two people determined the 20th Century. One of them was Walt Disney. The other one was Adolph Hitler. I worked for one: I idolized the other. The one I worked for was Walt Disney. It could be said Lenin also determined the 20th Century. Sure, he determined it for idiots, bums, reetards, slobs, spastics, the inept, the stupid, fuckheads, morons, subhumans, apes, dolts, and any other category of misfit parasite piece of shit that you might be able to recall the name of.
   No, Adolph Hitler and Walt Disney were the two paragons of vision that mattered. You can't call Lenin as having a vision: any vision that dictates the extermination of the intelligent is a pretty stupid fucked up vision just from the getgo, even as a vision, forget about installing it into the mechanism of human social existence.  This is, parenthetically, the vision of Barack Obama, the nigger muslim faggot reetard liar Ineptitude Master. Look where it's heading everyone: into an African Muslim Negro Shithole. Where the toilets don't flush. Because the toilets are the flat earth that you happen to be squatting over when it's time to take your fucking shit out of your fucking asshole. Barack Obama, like Lenin, is a communist. Everyone is equal: equally dead and equally in the grave. Well the wealthy dead are in a grave. The rest are in a pile. Ah, the perks of capitalism in a communist universe. You get a grave instead of a piled-with-bodies gasoline-soaked pyre. Assuming there's gasoline. Because in a communist society there usually isn't any. Except in the tanks.


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