Friday, September 24, 2010

Sociology Lesson For Today

The difference between animals and humans is not that humans have a soul or that humans have thumbs or that humans have reason or that humans get embarrassed or that humans have a sense of humor or that humans walk upright or that humans have a large prefontal lobotomy, the difference between animals and humans is that humans negotiate for what they want and need and animals just take the things they want and need. Government therefore makes animal behavior mandatory because government is not a negotiating body it is a taking body. Therefore all beneath its jurisdiction must learn the survival rules of the commandeering sector of the group in order to survive. Eventually the group consists of two bodies of rats trying to devour each other. This has in fact been the history of the human race under government control. And yet it remains as popular now with the governed as it did ten thousand years ago when it was created in the monkey camp in Africa.


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