Friday, August 6, 2010

The Race War

When it all collapses under obama's loving guidance the whites will be the only ones left from the 24 hour racial killing fest that will occur. Because we hunt. We come looking for prey. Blacks and Mexicans and Arabs, they just shoot at anything. Whites are methodical. Patient. Quiet. Oh, and really good shots. And we have a 2000 year history of organized warfare. Its what we do. It's what we like. It's why whites can work as a team: 2,000 years of war. Usually it is against other whites, that's how much we love war. But when America collapses the whites will not be fighting whites. They'll be fighting rampaging negroes and Aztecs. They'll be fighting disorganized raiding clumps of imbeciles. Who have nothing to lose. Whites will have everything to lose. They will fight harder, faster, methodically, in an organized, exterminating manner. They will be in their element - a non conscripted, voluntary fight against a common group of enemies: non whites. The people we have been keeping alive since Lincoln. There won't even be a leader in this fight. All the combatants will be leaders. And all the leaders will be cooperating. It will be righteous wrath let loose. It may even travel around the whole planet. It won't be pretty. But it will sure be fun.


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