Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back From Facebook

Well, I think I have Facebook pretty much our of my system. I think I have done about as much damage there as I can do. I chased off all the fuckheads and the few people left there who will chat with me, we all agree, and what's the point of talking at all then? If you can't brawl and tussle then you might as well just watch tv. Besides even the normal people get tired and upset with me saying nigger and when i talk about obama at all i have to say nigger because he's the only reason I'm here at all so why not make it as offensive as possible? Besides I know that he does not like being called a nigger. He pretends it bounces right off him but then no one calls him a nigger and just stands there in front of him and then does it again. The fact that he is a nigger MUSLIM only makes me more enthusiastic about calling him a nigger. It's his muslimness that's the real problem with me, not his niggerness. If he was a decent nigger, who did the right thing, which would be what i say he should be doing, then i wouldn't be calling him a nigger. We are gonna have two more years of the niggers, and this first two have been pretty fucking awful: He has the Country pretty much into the sewer and he has bankrupted people who have not even been born yet. Niggers are not good with money. They go into debt because they know somewhere down the line they will be excused from the debt. What's amazing is that people keep loaning them money. Niggers do not have a good reputation with financial matters. Niggers do not have a good reputation for anything. You're not supposed to say things like that, it's like saying Allah buttfucks Mohammed and that Islam is a just an excuse to kill people. Hillary Clinton, the nigger's lesbian cunt idiot is holding peacetalks between the Israelis and the Palestinians and while she is in the room outside the room the Palestinians are mortaring the Israelis and the Israelis are conducting straffing runs with exploding bombs over Palestine. And the Associated Press is not having a problem with this at all. And neither is Hillary. She really thinks, I suspect, that Obama is just a nice friendly house nigger trying to do the right thing. He's a fucking Muslim psychopath elected into office by Stupid White Women with nigger-rape fantasies. We are so screwed.


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