Saturday, September 18, 2010

Two Year Mark

Well it's about two years in since i started this one-man outburst against the fucking piece of muslim shit in the white house called barack hussein obama and in that two years time i have gotten stronger and obama has gotten weaker. Which is the way it should be and which is in accordance to all the laws of what is natural and wholesome and very bitchin'. The nigger in chief has - i have to admit - ruined the Country faster and with more effectivness than I would have expected possible even for a nigger. As niggers go this one can turn a functioning apparatus into a worthless pile of rotting rusted crap even faster than the norm. Of course you have to understand he is doing it on PURPOSE. I mean, it ain't just neglect or laziness. He's at it 24 hours a day. Whether he can be stopped before the next two years transpire I don't know but I DO know that this tea party revival thing is really grating on his very soul. This was not supposed to have happened and he is not good at fighting back after the initial salvo of "You do what I say, Whitey." If that fails, as it has been doing lately, he sort of unravels. And I could not be happier about it.


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