Thursday, September 23, 2010

Borat Interviews A Christian And A Satanist

I was watching some Borat interviews on you tube today and I got to thinking what if he interviewed a Christian and a Satanist about their deities. Now Satanists laugh at you and have a good time if you ridicule their deity Satan, they just don't give a fuck, they don't feel like they have to defend their god that he can fuck you up on his own if he wants to and he wants to, so they just let Satan deal with you because i guess they have FAITH in him. Christiians on the other hand, you come down on Jesus, holy fucking shit, you better duck and cover dude, Jesus is one helpless meek, turn the other cheek dude and if the Christians don't defend him from you then he will get crucified all over again. And they dont want that, that means church twice a week instead of just once. Now, if I knew Sascha "Borat" Cohen's phone number I would just call him about this and send him out to do some interviews with Satanists and Christians, but I don't have his number. I don't even have Annettte's number and you think I would at least have that one. So I don't have Cohen's number so I will just do the interviews myself.
"Hi, Mr Satanist man?...May i interviewing you please?" "Sure." "So you are having become a follower of Satan?" "Satan is my deity, yes, that is correct." "And this Satan is with the horns and the leather pants and is the disco dancing king?" "What?" "Satan, he is the leader of the homo boys' hug-me-from-behind jizzing festival, am I right?" "The followers of Satan have no restriction on their sexual preferences and outlets and desires, if that is what you mean." "And the Satanist cut up the tiny babies, is that correct?...and then eat them with the glasses of the blood of the nuns at the parish of the Pope?" "I do not know of any Satanists who kill and eat babies or any other kind of human flesh." "But you will agree that this Satan man is big asshole homosexual gay pansy in the garden, yes?" "I don't agree with that but I don't have a problem with you at all if that is your opinion of Satan. Satan might, but I don't." ____________ "Hi, Mr Christian man? are following Jesus are you?" "I have been saved by the blood of Jesus my savior, that is correct." "OK - and this Jesus, he is the one who the Roman Italian jailing people with the very large penis like horse buttfucked Jesus in the jail cell and then took him outside for public party and nail him naked to big sticks and then kids and everyone jump up and try to catch Jesus' testeez dingaling and go 'ha ha you have little pee pee jesus.' Is this your god?" "You better get yer ass outa my face before i cut off YOUR balls you motherfucking jew bastard, don't let me say it twice, go git yer fucking heeb fucking zionist ass outa my sight, fuck you jew, i'll fucking just shoot you now!!" "Ok, i go now, thank you, god bless you!"


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