Sunday, October 19, 2014

Henry Waxman

   This….thing… Henry Waxman. He has been a congressman from california since 1975. SINCE NINETEEN SEVENTY-FIVE!!!!  For FORTY FUCKING YEARS voters have decided that this fucking abominable apparition is just the guy to solve their problems for them. And of course congressmen - in the minds of Americans - are magical elves and wizards capable of doing what normal people - people who don't look this ugly and inhumanly disgusting, in other words - cannot possibly do for themselves. What kind of even-uglier, even-stupider-looking freaks of nature do you suppose this grotesquerie has been running-against in order for him to become the victor time and time again? Oh, and thank God he is not a fucking SENATOR! People would be bowing before him in reverence and thanksgiving for his almost godlike potential on their behalf. Would you even hire this fuck to change a tire? I wouldn't The car would puke as soon as he got near it.


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