Friday, May 23, 2014

Left-Over Dialogue From A Fiction Story

the only time i would apologize for calling someone a nigger would be if it turned out they werent actually a nigger. then i would apologize. in fact i would consider it obligatory. what niggers need to do is to apologize to humanity for not getting with the fucking program and for holding everyone back, including in school, in the workplace, in politics, and in the advancement of mankind. YOURE HOLDING UP THE WORKS, ASSHOLES!! SHAPE UP!! WE'RE TIRED OF WATCHING YOUR BACK AND YOUR FUCKING FRONT AND YOUR SIDES AND YOUR ABOVE AND BELOWS!! DO SOMETHING ON YOUR OWN IF YOUR SO GODDAMN SUPERIOR TO EVERYONE ELSE LIKE YOU RACIST BASTARDS KEEP CLAIMING!! THANK YOU!! AND FUCK YOU!! and you mexicans need to evesdrop-in on all this and snap out of it, ya hear? cause you're next for deportation. you all need to get back to your own country. we're basically sick of your overly fertile asses. as for you muslims, we all hope to see you all in hell. thank you.


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