Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Fall of Richard Dawkins

   Richard Dawkins is the English-speaking world's foremost atheist. Or as I like to call atheists, the world's foremost fucked up asshole faggots. All atheists are faggots, which is why they are atheists because how - they ask themselves - could a supreme and perfect being create a complete and total freak and aberration of Nature like me?...i don't even like girls (or in the case of female atheists, or bulldyke lesbian butch semi-human floor-pounding, ungainly vagina'ed animals) i don't even like boys? And thus they conclude that since they are so monumentally fucked up there is no God.
   Richard Dawkins is the most famous of these ridiculous freaks. And today he toppled himself out of the tree of of the benefit of the doubt and onto the ground of the clearly idiotic: he said pedophiles don't cause any real harm to their targets: that he was felt-up by a man as a lad and it never caused him any trauma. Well, no, Richard, you're a fag. Of course it would not cause you any trauma. It likely caused your parents and the rest of the neighborhood some trauma, you walking around in ballet slippers and Peter Allen shirts and singing I Go To Rio 24 hours  day, but why would it bother you?....you're a faggot!
   So let us review: Richard Dawkins, world most renowned "intellectual" has spent a lifetime learning that pedophiles do not harm children in any way and that there is no god.
   These are two really whopping errors. And so far he has been receiving no flack whatsoever from the so called intelligentia for the second error, which he has been proclaiming for a hundred years, but after day one - which was yesterday - of his proclaiming pedophiles dont harm children he has been the target of nothing but abuse from every strata of humanity. The no-god thing?.....oh dear, we don't want to challenge that, we might look silly. But playing with little boys' cocks?.....how could he say such a thing?? Where is his brain? What is he thinking?


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