Thursday, September 19, 2013

Truckers Against America

  The American truckers - who would not even exist if Congress had not nationalized the railroad industry in Congressional Marxist Fashion and thus destroyed it overnight - have decided, after seeing a glimpse of what they would interpret as "biker power," because this is how Mexican Wannabe's think, -  have decided to demonstrate a kind of "me too, can I?" gathering of their own which they are calling "Shut Down America."
   Right Wingers, being basically Socialists For Jesus, have leaped upon this Leninist plan for throwing off the workers' chains by chaining instead, or I should say executing, the people who hire the workers, and are jumping up and down because this action - as the trucker American-Bring-Downers are saying - "will show Obama".....something. Yes, that's right, all this doing-nothing will, according to their core brain-trust,  show Obama "something" and teach Obama "a lesson." The assumption here being that a nigger can actually be taught something. No one has ever demonstrated that this is even remotely factual. But the truckers are going to defy earth history and contemporary science and the written records of civilizations, none of which have been put down on paper in African civilizations, needless to say, since there never were any African civilizations, and they never had paper and still don't, at least not down where the darkies were and are, you know, the negroes? The people with the Negro College Fund? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....and by doing nothing they are going to teach Obama a lesson. The truckers - men who cannot spell cat and whose pension fund is used as a bank to finance casino openings all over the planet (when was the last time you heard "Yup, Ahm a retired Teamster!" There's a reason you ain't ever heard that. And it's because there is never any money available in the retirement fund to actually retire anyone except Ling Chow, owner of the the New Mandalay Fuck House Faw Yu Joe & Casino in Saigon)........ yes, the truckers, by doing nothing, and not working, and causing chaos and unhappiness, are going to teach a negro - a member of the race that specializes in doing nothing, and not showing up for work, and not working if and when he gets there, and burns down his own neighborhoods, and fucks up everything he puts his brachiating hands on....Obama, being one of these veldt-dwelling urine drinkers....the truckers, by becoming negroes are going to suddenly cause Obama to  become a white man. All because the truckers became niggers. The truckers will behave like niggers: and as a result Obama will start behaving like a white man.
   Talk about white people having fucking totally lost their way, this pretty much puts a ribbon around that idea and sets it on display under Kleig lights and up on a Diamondscreen.
   Where was I.
   Oh, yes, the Truckers To Shut Down America.
   Apparently some visionary Muslim, observing how some politically avaricious cunt named Belinda Bee -  who was never asked what her actual name was by anyone -  managed to get herself a hundred thousand dollar payday in one week by taking control of a simple viral idea started by Bill Williamson - who wanted to show the Muslims on 9-11- who were going to have a victory parade in DC celebrating the attacking of America -  he wanted to show them "No, I don't think so, Reamers Of The Sacred Ass Of Allah,"  and this visionary Muslim, seeing Belinda Nolastname turning this viral enthusiasm created by Bill Williamson into a redirected-toward-Belinda Bee No Last Name Retirement Fund..... some truck driver affiliated - and likely also a muslim - individual grabbed onto this passing freight train of misdirected Belinda Bee-led patriotism and decided to launch for himself a Marxist Revolutionary Strike against the entire retail industry of the United States, and wouldn't you know it, every asshole Right Wing Paranoid Let's Pray About It airhead "out of my cold dead hands" blowhard "return to the Constitution" fucking middle aged dunce with either a big fat beer belly or a willowing marijuana-ponytail consisting of three actual hair fibers 4 feet long and who looks like a lesbian Big Sur wiccan atheist soil-worshpper all came to the immediate and enthusiastic conclusion that this will topple Obama!
   Actually, this will strengthen Obama. In fact this was probably Obama's idea.
   Tell that to a Right Winger, a breed so fleet of thought and of so discerning of details, a species so steeped in reason and understanding, a variety of critter so fucking adept at seeing what is really there that Merlin oft times emerges from his hiding place in the outer dimensions to observe their latest manifestations of understanding as daily revealed by Rush Limbaugh The Wise, fabled seer and interpreter of American History as it relates to the National Football League.
   Getting a clear explanation from any of these 1914-era anarchists of what this shut down of America is trying to accomplish is like getting a clear explanation from OJ about the murder. There is a lot of duplicity and sneakiness accompanying the blather: "Well, it's to teach Obama a lesson." "Well, it's to stop corruption." "Well it's to stop the bankers." "Well, it's to stop the Oblique Brotherhood of Exalted Transjovians From Uransia who are controlling the fat cats." Shit like that, is what you get.
   It takes the intelligence of a dead roadside cat to see that what it really is all about is attempting to ruin grocery stores, mall stores, gas stations, fast food emporiums, theaters, bakeries, furniture stores, repair shops, auto sales, lamp stores, camera stores, art supply stores - hey, name a store, the truckers have decided to try and put them out of business.
   This will also put the truckers out of business.
   Being truckers they are way way too fucking stupid to see that.
   A child with Down Syndrome who just had his bloated mis-shapen head crushed by an atomic vice used to condense coal into diamonds still would have enough intelligence remaining after he pulled what was left of his head out to clearly see that this truckers-against-America is the exact opposite of anything even remotely patriotic. It is in fact a new kind of treason. Leave it to the Muslims, the longtime geniuses of managing to keep Evil evolving to new levels of putridness, to create a way for citizens to be treasonous to their country by being patriotic to their country. Truckers - being truckers, and just a little below the Irish Republican Army in intelligence - naturally have jumped up and down enthusiastically at this new and different sort of mischief. Very likely Che Guevara t-shirts will be sold on street corners in Tijuana during the strike or whatever the fuck it is they're going to do, since this is a "Workers of the World Unite" Marxist slash Sharia kinda thing.
   Tell this to a "God will solve this for us" let-Jesus-do-it Right Wing dolt.
   Now for any Right Wingers still clinging to the idea that this truck thing is going to be good for America, remember that Duck Dynasty products are delivered by truck. So your heroes in the swamp are also going to be driven bankrupt by this Muslim bullshit. Yeah, that's right, you betcha; I saved my piledriver of a final argument for last. Now you're paying attention, uh? Fuckin' A, baby. Fuckin' A!


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