Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jesus' Parables Made Easy cont

dude has an opium poppy farm and the crop is ready to harvest. but he aint gut enough help. he goes to home depot and finds some mexicans. he says hey its 6AM mi amigoes. i gut a opium poppy farm and americans need dope and i need some help. hundred bucks you work till 6, yes or no. they go chore ting my prin! and off they go. farmer see's its noon. he wants the crop in by 6. he sees there's not enough help. he goes to home depot. hey mexicans! i need some broseros until 6. hundred bucks, take it or leave it. they say ole! and get in the truck. its almost five. time's running out. he goes to 7-11 and finds some persian assholes. he says "work for an hour i'll pay you a hundred bucks!" they go PRAISE ALLAH!.
   7 pm they all line up for pay. they all get a hundred bucks. the 9 oclock people - and the noon people they see the people that only worked an hour getting what they're getting. they go apeshit. WHAT THE FUCK! WE WORKED ALL DAY! THESE ASSHOLES WORKED A FUCKING HOUR! AND THEY GET WHAT WE GET? guy says fuck you. you agreed to work for a hundred bucks. i just happen to be one generous son of a bitch. either take the money and go or leave it here, i dont give a shit.
   the point of this is you make an agreement with a dude it dont matter what agreement the dude makes with other dudes. its none of your business.
   the other point is if god decides non jews get the goodies god promised to the jews, its none of the jews business. just shut the fuck up and take your goodies, youre lucky to be getting anything, ya fucking ungrateful kike bastards.


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