Thursday, January 10, 2013

When Islam Takes Over

   If you understand politics and government and can see down the road of history - which is easy to do if you understand politics and government - it's pretty clear Islam will one day be the rule on the planet. For one thing it's not all THAT different from any other kind of government in history, plus it has some aspects men will like: you get to kill your wife and you get to fuck your daughters and then kill them too when you are done. All that is asked - well demanded - of you if you are a man, and Islam is a government of men - is that you pay tribute to whoever your government rep is and that you proclaim allah as your deity and mohammed as his prophet and do the shit they all do on a regular OCD basis and of course never progress past the growing wheat and having goatherds stage of commercial development. Mohammed, to give credit where it is due, understood the true nature of government in its basic form and got rid of all the crap and the nonsense and said "government is a religion. religion comes from god. And i have the hotline to god." He stole this idea from the Hebrews, as did the Church of Rome. However Mohammed was hostile to the Hebrew religion whereas the Church of Rome used it as a template to justify a shitload of nonsense, but unlike the Hebrews made the Hebrew Messiah their deity, which the Hebrews absolutely refused to do and have been in the shitter of life ever since because of it.
   So Islam is destined to be the world religion and the world government. Only the Jews of Israel will not capitulate. The Christians will roll over like the French did for Hitler. Eventually Islam and Israel will come so an accord which the Muslims will break. You don't NEED the Bible to see this but it is interesting that what is happening right now was mentioned there. I mean, it's interesting, if nothing else.


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