Monday, January 7, 2013

Your Constitutional Gun Rights

    I was watching some video a gun advocate sent around in which Diane Feinstein, a communist Jew, was saying in one clip she does not want to take everyones' guns and another clip where she said she wants nothing better than to take everyones' guns. The point of the video was that "the only thing keeping her from taking away your Constitutional rights is that she does not have enough votes to do it yet."
   The problem with convincing someone lied-to from infancy that he believes a lie is that he won't believe you. Because you didn't tell him that he believes a lie until he was a lot older. You needed to tell him the same day the lie was told to him so that he could look at them both objectively: the lie and the truth, and then start doing some research.
   One of these lies is that the Constitution is where your rights come from. That's why the Constitution is always being interpreted and altered and changed and supplimated and detracted from. Cause that's where you think your rights are. You think they are in the Constitution. So the way to change your rights or add more rights or take some rights away or alter some rights or abridge some to do all these things to the Constitution! Which is where your rights are!! Yaaaay!!!
   Which is why you have no rights. Cause the Constitution gave them to you and the Constitution took them away. Because you think that that is where your rights come from and where they reside. In the Constitution. So it's a daily merry-go-round of more rights, less rights, sublimated rights, augmented rights, a whiligig of rights rights rights. From the Constitution. Written by Englishmen. Who wouldn't know a right from a dick up the ass.
   This belief that your rights come from the Constitution is a lie. And a pretty stupid one. But it's what you were taught by all the adults in your life and it was taught with a lot of emotion and energy and belief.
   We are programmed by Nature to respond affirmatively as children to this sort of adult training. It's why a Zulu becomes a Zulu. It's why a Constitutionalist becomes a Constitutionalist. It's why an Arab becomes a Muslim. Because adults lie to their young. Because we are a cursed species, loving lies above truth. Ask Adam and Eve. They're the ones that put it into you. It's all they knew and all they loved. Lies. And now it's all that you know and love. So who can blame you for being stupid. You were born that way to stupid parents who believed lies and then taught them to you.
   There is nothing more funny or annoying than watching a bloviating patriotic American numbskull proclaiming the virtues of the Constitution. I always want to start pistol-whipping these idiots. The only reason I don't is because it's bad for the pistols. Which is another lie: "pistol-whipping is a good way to beat someone." It isn't. It's a good way to fuck up your guns. Leave that to your representatives. Don't worry, they won't let you down, they will fuck up your guns for you. It's in the Constitution.


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