Wednesday, January 9, 2013


   Christians can be encouraged to believe anything preposterous if it is told to them by another Christian claiming it is God's will for them. "I am sure this is what God wants for you: suck my cock and be blessed by doing His Will."
   "God's word came to me last night that if you send me 500 dollars and swear an oath to it he will bless you with tenfold abundance."
   "I know it is Jesus' will that you shop at this good Christian car dealership."
   "Let Jesus find you a mate at Christian Love Relationships Forever In Christ Dating Service." Yeah, ok, I can't find someone to fuck, maybe Jesus can pimp me up some action.
   Christians will fall into a swoon of gullibility if you just drag Jesus into the shenanigans. It's magical.
   And Jesus, for all his amazing abilities, never seems to be able to get the hang of talking to someone directly. He always has to have someone else tell you. He tells them and then they tell you. He never just comes to you. Maybe Jesus is so in awe of your dynamic majesty that he is too bashful or doesn't feel worthy to talk to you personally. So he has someone, probably even dumber and more fucked up that you, tell you.
   Why would you listen to Jesus at all in that case, if he can't bring himself to talk to you directly. Maybe he knows you're stupid and that this approach will work better: using the stupid approach on you to get things down to your level. Maybe that's it.


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