Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Mormons And The Masons

   Joseph Smith was apparently a Mason. The spin that the pro-Mormon sites put on it is that he was a Mason simply as a tactic to gather like-minded allies who would rally politically to the defense of his church in times of trouble.
   I ain't buyin' this whopper. This is the kind of shit the Muslims and the commies and DC and the Church of Rome would concoct to try and make some heinous assault into a charitable work of mercy.
  The present day Mormon heirarchy "takes no stand for or against Masonry." This means they are for it. People who are against things are always vocal about it. People who are for things that are basically evil always say they have no opinion. Having opinions is not that fucking tough, just ask the drunk at the saloon, he has an opinion on everything. And so does everyone else. Someone who has no opinion on something is saying he has an opinion you won't like and that his opinion might get him some flack or wrath or scorn from the neighbors and the public and the press so he "has no opinion on the matter." He's a liar in other words.
   If Joseph Smith was able to "find no fault" with something as heinous as Masonry then he likely would have no trouble pretending that the Bible was an inherent part of his new religion. Which it isn't. It's just there to lure actual Christians into the fold and to present a "Christian" front to his tormentors. Which is shrewd but it's a tactic, it's not part of the religion. The actual religion is the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants, whatever the fuck that is. The Bible is just thrown in to keep the actual Christians at bay. Which of course you have to do because Christians are so fucking weak in their belief system they have to crush all other belief systems, as do the Muslims. the Bhuddhists and the Jews and the Hindus and the Shintoists, etc, never do this. Only sociopathic cults do this. And that would be Christianity and Islam. Those are the only two sociopathic cults that come to mind at the moment.


At January 10, 2013 at 8:52 PM , Blogger Cap'n Bob said...

Don't forget Scientology.


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