Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Dalai Lama

   When I got talked into an ipod the guy that talked me into it had a 20 gig music library that he installed on it. In it was a series of lectures by the Dalai Lama.
   Let me tell you, this man is a fucking moron. I am not being a wiseguy or a smartass or ironic or sarcastic or satirical. Let me emphasize that. No, he is a fucking moron. And he is revered as a fucking source of wisdom and knowledge and understanding by billions of people even stupider than he is!!
   I mean, we have some real problems on this planet and one of them is the proliferation of idiots.
   He is real easy to understand, too. I mean, he does not use confusing vocabulary or complex sentences or dabble in anything that would remotely referred to as "big ideas." No. Not at all. This dude is as simple-minded as they come. A fucking tea-lady locked in the attic since childhood and playing with dolls to try and erase a trauma is as easy to understand as this guy. In fact he is probably called dalai because it sounds like dolly, which is what he should be talking to, not people. He should be talking to dolls and playing with dolls.
   PLUS he wears a dress. It's not called a dress but it's a fucking dress. If you have a penis and you wear a dress, there's something wrong with you. You are not a source of wisdom. You are a source of confusion and stupidity and bewilderment. You are a source of silliness.
   Apparently being idiotic is why people like him: if the source of all wisdom is speaking jibberjabber, hey, that's easy to understand, let's do what he says, we'll be considered wise for being idiots.
   Seems to be working.


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