Tuesday, January 8, 2013


   It is my conclusion that the good angels dont like mankind anymore than the bad angels do. The difference is, I have concluded, that the good angels have decided to grit their - whatever they grit - and go along with God's purposes for mankind whereas the bad angels have decided God is screwing up with mankind and have gone to war with man: by pretending that they like him and want to help him achieve things that the bad angels have already confiscated from him. They lie a lot. In other words. All over the place.
   In the Bible you never hear the angels really chatting it up with humans. When they do show up at God's orders they do so - it appears to me - sullenly. It's like the Army: "I'll do it; but I don't have to like it." You can say that to a General even if you are a private and he will just say "Good." It's not in the rules that you have to like your orders. And you get to say so. And you get to scowl when you get them. And kick things over. You just have to obey them.
   The good angels in the Bible always seem to be a bit stand-offish. Like they don't want to get to close to humans. For one reason or another.
   The bad angels don't even show up to chat, or at least if they do it's by some more subtle means than just appearing. Only three times does any bad angel show up: and it's always Lucifer. He showed up to Adam and Eve who were godlike before they became Luciferlike, he showed up to God to argue a case for tormenting Job, and he showed up to Jesus - who was God. I personally believe he showed up to kill all the firstborn of Egypt, too. He got the go ahead and he wasted no time, and was pretty accurate. Now you might say from this that Lucifer follows orders too. Actually he was just unrestrained for a specific purpose. He probably tried to kill everyone in sight he just couldn't. He could only kill the first born. And at that only the unprotected ones. He probably came away from that deed totally pissed off that he had his hands tied.
   The good angels, when they show up, display hostility as often as not. One angel yelled at some human for falling down and bowing to him. The good angel got pissed. Bowing to an angel apparently is a temptation to them and they dont like being tempted. The bad angels?...they actually insist that you bow down to them. Niggers are fond of saying "bow down," lately, meaning, bow down to them. I guess they like it when you do that. Wonder why that is.
   An angel showed up to Gideon while he was hiding from the bad guys and called him a man of valor. This had to be a joke. Men of valor don't skulk about in fear. Apparently the good angels are wise asses.
   An angel got an attitude about Sarah laughing at his suggestion she could get pregnant at 90. He then asked her why she laughed. Like Adam, she lied to him. It wasn't the laughing that pissed him off it was the answer to his question, which was "I didn't laugh, (gulp, hope I get away with this.)" She didn't. Angels don't like being lied to, apparently. They don't care if you fuck with 'em, it seems. Just don't say you're not fucking with them if they ask you, and you are.
   A good angel approached Jesus' mom with news that must have hit her like a ton of bricks. "Hi!! You're going to get pregnant before marriage and without even getting laid!!" She had to be thinking, "This is not going to go over well with the family and community." She could not have liked this idea. But you don't have to like it. You just have to do it. She said "Ok. Do whatever it is you are going to do." The rest is - literally - history. A history that has moved mankind forward ever since, though a lot of people don't seem to think so.


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