Thursday, January 10, 2013


   I have 5 days left on my ban from interacting with Facebook. I have been off it for two months. I was banned for a month and then when I was unbanned I was banned again for something I said a year before. So I seem to be on the permanent ban list. I say things on other facebook walls that get you not banned from that wall but banned from Facebook. Which is fine, who gives a shit, facebook isn't getting any of my money, they're getting someones', apparently, but not mine, so who cares what they decide to do about me, I'm just there for the screaming and yelling.
   I am able to patrol Facebook however and I notice that the Right Wingers are still preaching to the Right Wingers. I only have right Wingers on my "friends" list because while they are as devoted to government as the Left Wingers, they are not quite as diabolical, and I find that somewhat more relaxing than the Left Wingers who are basically anchored onto an evil boat heading into an abyss and want to take everyone with them who they dont kill first.
   Politics is basically a woman's place because politics is all about trying to get someone else to do something you could very easily do yourself but don't want to take the responsibility or risk the possibility of failing at what you want someone else to do for you, or you are just too fucking lazy and stupid to do it yourself. This is what women have men for. Politics is all about moving the couch on a huge global scale.
   All men who are in politics are basically women in their souls. They are just wearing the uniform men wear. Underneath that uniform are panties, ribbons, slips, makeup, jewelry, hissyfits, pouts, and drunken hours spent sucking penises and lying about things.
   So these Right Wingers are spending their days in the bathroom of life, actually, trying to make themselves beautiful and trying to get heard and trying to get someone else to do things for them and trying to be the focus of the world's attention in narcissistic desperation, having nothing of inherent value in their nature, and trying to get the Left Wingers to obey them. Which is fine, that's what the Left wingers are doing too. The problem is the Right Wingers tend to accuse the Left of being douchebags. Even though the Right is doing the exact same thing as the Left.
   Right Wingers don't see this. They think they are doing something different than the Left is. They think they are doing something manly.
   You don't get to see how silly both sides are until you are allowed to watch the fracas but not allowed to fight in it. Then you see clearly that none of it accomplishes anything. It just keeps everyone busy while both sides are getting fucked in the ass by the women in charge. Which is not the people on Facebook. The women in charge are the people who own Facebook and are monitoring which way the wind is blowing and systematically shutting down any gusts that are coming from a direction they don't approve of.


At January 10, 2013 at 11:29 AM , Blogger Backwater said...

That's going to be a relief for some, I suspect.


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