Friday, January 11, 2013

Today's Pagans

   Todays pagans are the people who vote. Voting is the newest version of human sacrifice. It's been pared down to keep the blood flow at a minimum but it is still the same ritual, you offer yourself to the god of whatever government you are voting within at that moment, in America we have 4 for every one citizen, and you make your petition of hope and your expression of your desires to the piece of paper you are voting on and then you leave and you wait to see if your prayer to the magical provider of magical free things has been answered to your liking.
   It doesn't matter to the voters that they are only voting on a tiny tiny fraction of all the things that are going to be decided without their having to vote on them and without them not even being allowed to vote on them were they to ask for permission to do so. "That is not something that gets voted on" would be the answer given to you assuming an answer was given to you at all.
   Most people who vote are very thrilled abut it, they wear hats and hurl streamers and make noises with toys and can't wait for the people and things they are voting for to strangle them a little tighter and withdraw from them their property and liberties at a little faster rate than is already happening. If you let someone vote on something they think they have at least had a fair shot at...well, at something or other. They get a shot at what they were voting on, which is usually to permit someone to take more of their stuff and extract more of their personal lives into the public sector. We all work for the public sector it's just that some people work in the private sector too. they think they are not working in the public sector, but they are. It's all over them like fungus. Jury duty: the draft: taxes: licensing fees: fines: prison: community "service": these are all public sector JOBS!!! Going to prison IS A JOB!!! IT'S A PUBLIC SECTOR JOB!!
   The problem is nobody - at least in the private sector - sees it this way. They see it as "a mystical religious patriotic loyal citizen obeying orders."
   However, people working in the public sector and not in the private sector, they see it as "getting carried along through life on the shoulders of patriotic asshole idiots HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" That's how they see it.
   Oddly, the people who get upset the most at this kind of talk are the people in the private sector! It's like they don't want to have their eyes rubbed and be forced to see with them where they are and what they are doing.
   The people in the public sector read shit like this, they - once in a while - have a chat with you in private to try and get you to tone down the rhetoric. Truth is called rhetoric today. People in the public sector ask me to tone down the rhetoric. People in the private sector ask me why I am so unAmerican.
   I never know what to say to either one of these two representatives when they have these talks with me but it is gratifying to know when it happens that the public sector at least understands what I am talking about.


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