Friday, January 11, 2013

Tax Ad

   This is an actual ad for a product that isn't named in the ad. It is very likely from the government. I didn't open it because oh dear, opening an ad off to the side of your email page is like opening a door into hell. But I am guessing it's from the Feds.
   Tbhere is only one nigger in it however he is being supported by the white arm of a white female. Everyone else is squeaky clean white. White people anxious to pay their taxes. Did you ever see more excited people? Ayn Rand would call this "the sanction of the victim" but I would call it "the enthusiasm of the stupid."
   The idea here is that you are supposed to be excited to be sending your money to Niggbama since he made it possible for you to have any. It's their currency and they provided the job somehow, so it's their money. You are just returning what is theirs.  Let's get excited about it! Well, these white people did. And the token, he's pretty excited to. Probably because he is going to get to fuck the white bitch grabbing at him prior to a reacharound. Good times!


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