Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Right Wing

   The main activity of the Right Wing seems to be - after taking a look at the Right Wing with a critical eye for about 30 seconds today - the main activity of the right Wing  seems to be to come up with something not only frightening but weirdly frightening and with an air and attitude and implied suggestion that the people doing the frightening thing are smarter and craftier and more cunning than, well, the Right Wing, and then - although it isn't mentioned, I am just guessing - YOU are supposed to - i guess - DO something about all this. Then they scamper off and look for another frightening thing to gather into their arms and bring it back at a dead run, back to you for you to take a look at and become frightened and agitated about.
   This seems to be what the Right Wing is all about.
   Some day I will post a summation of the Left Wing, after I take a look at it for 30 seconds.


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